StDB - a debugger for STX

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Quick Startup Using StDB Tutorial
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Using StDB

Step 0 - Launch jEdit

jedit startup
Launching jEdit.
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Step 1 - Start StDB

start StDB Starting StDB.
To use StDB you have to open the StDB-dockable window (Plugins/StDB/StDB:All) in jEdit.

Step 2 - Configure StDB

configure StDB Configuring StDB.
To configure StDB you have to choose the source document and the transformation sheet. The next step is to split up the editpane once (press control+2) and to open the previously chosen documents.

Step 3 - using StDB

using StDB Using StDB.
Add an initial breakpoint by placing the caret e.g. at the end of an element and press control+F8 and start the debugger (transformation) with the help of the toolbar.