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Quick Startup Using StDB Tutorial
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Quick Startup

Step 0 - Get a Java VM

To use StDB, you need Java 1.4 or newer.

Step 1 - Install jEdit

The text editor jEdit version >4.2 is required for StDB and can be downloaded from the download page. Installation instructions can be found on this page as well.

Step 2 - Fetch Joost

Joost is a processor for STX, which is used by StDB. The latest version could be found here. The downloaded jar-file should be placed into the jedit plugin directory (e.g. /opt/jedit/jars).

Step 3 - Get StDB

With the help of StDB you can turn jEdit into a great IDE for STX. The plugin for jEdit can be downloaded here The downloaded file should also be placed into the jedit plugin directory.

Step 4 - Download additional libraries

To work with StDB you have to copy the commons-logging and log4j into the jedit plugin directory. To use code completion for stx in jEdit you have to install the XML-plugin.